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Welcome to BVC India..

Benze Vacations Club was introduced in 2008 as India’s first family club. Benz Club Chennai cater to the needs of each family member be it an adult, young or old. Benz Club are headquartered at Nungambakkam, Chennai. Our first club in Chennai was opened at ECR road. In the same year, Benz Vacations Club opened clubs in Coimbatore and the following year Benze Club opened clubs in Erode. Benze club will be opening more clubs within and outside Tamil Nadu in the future. Benze Vacation Club are known for our excellent services at discounted rates. As our tagline “Familya Friendlya Joliya” suggests your vacation at our club would mean the same and it is ideal for your entire family. Our hallmark as a family vacations club is that Benze Club Chennai ensure a safe, relaxing and memorable vacation for the entire family. With our special facilities like acupuncture swimming pool, Spa, top-class multi-cuisine restaurant etc. Benze Vacation Club Chennai always go that extra mile to pamper and provide all luxuries to our members.